Hatha Yoga mit Lubica



Eine klassische Hatha Yoga Stunde mit Lubica Petrasova, teached in english. After a starting warmup Lubica guides you to classical Asanas with a slow and very soft voice. She connects the single Asanas in a flowing way.


Lubica Kupcova has been practicing yoga for several years and in many styles as a form of exercise. Like many people, she first came to yoga for its physical benefits. When her practice evolved and became both physical and spiritual, Lubi knew she had to dedicate herself to sharing the yoga lifestyle and signed up to become a certified with Yoga Aliance 200 hour Hatha yoga Instructor. Lubi’s passion for balance within the body and the environment has inspired her to help others down this path of mindful wellness and healthy living. She is also a massage therapiest.



Preis: 60min. 25.- im 10er Abo 30.- die Einzelklasse

25.- Schnupperstunde

Anmelden und Kontakt: 076 743 11 02


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